what people are saying...

"Tim finds joy in the success and goodness of others. His talent as a photographer allows him to capture those special moments. He does so quietly, without interrupting... and allows the essence of the moment to be revealed in pictures."

Michelle D.

"Describe Tim’s style... “A different way of looking at the world or an object. An unusual perspective. Using the principles of design. Going beyond the ordinary to create beautiful and sometimes haunting images.”

Diana S.

 “Sincerely cares about his work and what the client wants. He gives and takes direction well; is incredibly easy to work with.”

Lorelei P.

"Tim's pictures capture celebration, happiness, event highlights - as they happen (these can surprise you after the event), the memorable formal and informal moments... a most unique approach."

Bob O.

"Being able to adapt to changing light when shooting in a variety of situations isn't always easy, but is one of Tim's assets as a photographer."

Kevin L.

"... a master of the candid moment."

Lisa J.

"As he takes pictures, his mind seems to shift from the common view to the intrepid eye. He is able to
capture the essence and spirit of both people
and the environment. His eye catches the abstract
and his images become a work of art.
His photographs seem alive and vibrant..."

David T.

"He is a professional artist who approaches his work
with sensitivity and compassion along with warmth and humor, which are so much a part of who he is as a person these qualities allow him to capture the very essence of what he is photographing. Tim radiates
joyfulness and this is reflected in his work, in his reverence for the beauty of nature and in
documenting the important
moments of everyday life."

Karen M.

"Seeing the world through Tim’s eyes has made me see the world in a different manner. Tiny details, minute changes in texture and colour, facial expressions, movement – his ability to show these things in his photos has made me stop and take notice of so much more of the world around me."

Libet H.

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